Kadota Productions | About
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The art and science of creative production

Kadota is recognized for superior knowledge of a constantly-evolving, global marketplace and a thorough understanding of multiple media platforms. Our meticulous standards along with our extensive network of top-notch industry professionals mean you get high-level creative content every time without sacrifice or stress.

Seamless communication, exceptional foresight, remarkable creative collaboration and demonstrated leadership make us the unshakeable foundation of your project. On our watch, every detail – creative development, location scouting, permitting, casting, production coordination, and on the ground management – functions like a well-oiled machine.

We leave you free to focus squarely on honing your vision. It’s a direct result of our commitment to ensuring that the client, talent and crew have everything they need before they even ask for it.

About Kori Shadrick

KoriShadrick’s wealth of production experiences encompasses feature film, commercial, live multicamera, multimedia and print production. As the sole owner of Kadota Productions, she partners with clients on creative development, research, management, budgeting oversight, scheduling and post.


Kori’s demonstrated success over the years has attracted a global group of clientele who rely on her expertise time and time again. Her clients range from well established iconic luxury brands to start-up ventures.


Having produced hundreds of projects for top agencies and production companies, Kori has worked with some of the top directors and photographers in the industry and continues to explore new media production.